Xiaomi patents its own foldable take on the Huawei Mate XS

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  • Xiaomi has a patent for a foldable device that looks similar to the Huawei Mate XS.
  • The patent was filed in January and just recently discovered.
  • We don’t know when or if this device will come to market.

The Huawei Mate XS is one of the most high-profile foldables on the market, and it looks like Xiaomi is taking a page out of its rival’s playbook by working on its own foldable phone that could be quite similar in design.

LetsGoDigital recently discovered that Xiaomi filed a patent on January 5th, 2020 for its own foldable phone.

Xiaomi foldable

The patent shows a device that unfolds from the left. This will turn into a square tablet-like device. It is quite the departure from the double-fold prototype Xiaomi first showed off in 2019. It’s far more similar to the design of other phones like the Huawei Mate XS, and less out there.

We can also see a thicker portion on one of the device’s edges, which is also similar to the Huawei Mate XS. This portion of the phone features the proposed device’s four cameras, a flash, and an additional button. There’s also a USB-C port, which is to be expected from a modern smartphone.

xiaomi foldable patent

Source: LetsGoDigital

As is always the case with patents, we can’t say for sure whether this device will ever see the light of day. However, seeing as the market does seem comfortable with foldable phones and the relatively high prices that come with them, it would make sense for Xiaomi to try to get into that space.

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