Xiaomi could be working on a Galaxy Z Flip-style foldable of its own

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip quarter fold

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is arguably the most polished foldable phone we’ve seen yet, offering a familiar clamshell form factor and the Galaxy S10e‘s internals. It looks like Xiaomi could be taking this route with an upcoming foldable phone as well.

ZDNet Korea reports (h/t: XDA-Developers) that Xiaomi has asked Samsung Display to supply it with clamshell-style foldable screens. It’s believed that Xiaomi asked for the same or similar screens as the ones used in the Galaxy Z Flip, pointing to the type of device the firm has in mind.

The outlet also claims that Xiaomi might acquire similar screens from LG Display instead. It adds that display makers BOE and CSOT offer similar panels as well, but that there’s a big quality gap between them and Samsung’s clamshell screens.

A machine-translated version of the ZDNet report points to the Chinese brand adopting a Galaxy Z Flip-style hinge. The Samsung foldable’s hinge allows the device to be opened at a variety of angles, so you can set it down on a surface for hands-free video chats and selfies. So we’re guessing Xiaomi wants similar functionality in its clamshell foldable.

The website says mass production of the Xiaomi device and/or screens is expected in the second half of the year. Which means we could potentially see a Xiaomi-style Galaxy Z Flip device before the end of the year or in early 2021.

Xiaomi also has a reputation for offering products at competitive prices, so we might see this device undercut the Galaxy Z Flip. However, recent devices like the Mi 10 series show that the company is heading into premium territory, so a cheaper foldable isn’t guaranteed just yet.

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