Webroot vs Avast – Choose Better Antivirus

In this article we will tell you in detail about how the two antiviruses work, so that you can be guided by this information when choosing your antivirus. Webroot vs avast, which one is better?

Webroot antivirus review

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is one of the fastest and best antivirus programs available on the market. Fast system scans can take a toll on your computer’s performance. It can use about 30% of your computer’s CPU during the scanning process. However, it requires less than 1% of the CPU in the idle state .

The program also takes up its 15 MB of space. Nevertheless, the small anti-malware software offers many useful features, such as identity theft protection, safe browsing, phishing protection, webcam protection and, of course, malware protection and removal.


  • High malware detection scores
  • Fast system scan        
  • Does not require much space
  • Protection from ransomware
  • Excellent detection of malicious domains


  • No independent results in the lab
  • May cause system slowdowns during scanning

Avast antivirus review

The completely free version of Avast does not include very many features. First of all, these include the so-called intelligent protection. It involves working with the system firewall, monitoring open and closed ports, as well as combating various types of viruses, including encryption and phishing sites.

Like any other program, Avast has certain “pluses” that must be highlighted:

  • Good protection against virus software intrusion;
  • Analysis of potential virus threats due to heuristic type of diagnostics;
  • Protection for almost, instant messages, Internet downloads;
  • Control over system processes;
  • Quite frequent updates of the antivirus database and the program itself in automatic mode;


  • The program can only be used on home computers;
  • Periodically requires the user to register for free;

Comparing Avast and Webroot

So after a short review of both antiviruses we can make some conclusions.

The Webroot installation file is tiny, taking up less than 1 megabyte, while the fully unpacked program takes up only slightly more disk space. Webroot does not check the code of the web pages it downloads. It simply checks the reputation of the site against the database of its cloud service and blocks access to blacklisted addresses.

In turn, Avast removes up to 99% of viruses and monitors both suspicious application activity and web traffic, as well as incoming mail. In AV-Test’s comprehensive evaluation, Avast received 6 points for usability due to a low number of false positives and 6 points for protection effectiveness. In the performance category, the product scored 5.5 points and was named “best antivirus.

And if you compare these two antiviruses, Avast has more advantages, although there are moments where it loses to Webroot. Avast has more reliable protection and quality scanning of programs, while Webroot can sometimes let malicious programs into your system.

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