Watch Dogs Legion hands-on preview: There’s no other game like it

A construction worker, a private military contractor, and a graffiti artist walk into a bar. They drink a pint. They play darts. They look at their phones. And one by one, when nobody’s paying attention, they dip through the door marked “Staff.�

If there’s a punchline, it’s that all three are secretly resistance fighters. Turns out everyone in the UK has a latent talent for snapping necks and shooting pistols. All they need is a push in the right direction. A push I’m happy to provide, because at the rate I’m burning through operatives, DedSec is going to need a long list of recruits.

Holding out for a hero

Two demos in, it’s clear Watch Dogs Legion will live or die by its character system—and for good reason. It’s new and shiny and full of potential. But before I dig into my latest thoughts on the whole play-as-any-character-in-the-game system (which really needs a catchy name we can all make fun of like “Drivatar�) I want to take a minute and talk story.

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