Valve supplants E3 with its third all-digital Steam Game Festival—and this one could be huge

Turns out when you cut off E3’s head, seven more game conventions sprout in its place. We already know Microsoft is hoping to hold its own digital event in June, as will Ubisoft, and that the PC Gaming Show will probably go on as planned. But now Valve—who I might add never attends E3—has jumped into the ring, announcing another Steam Game Festival (and another crop of game demos) for early June.

This will be the third Steam Game Festival. The first ran in December alongside The Game Awards, the second in March as a replacement for the GDC-that-wasn’t. And this third? Right on time for E3, kicking off on June 9. In another universe, that would’ve been the first day of E3 proper, after the deluge of pre-event press conferences.

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