Top 3 Data management software Alternatives review

A stream of data circulates through our devices every second, overwhelming them. The volume of data is constantly growing, and during this growth, there is also a need for secure database systems, especially for organizations, which is why database management systems have emerged. With these platforms, you can accelerate your data processing and improve your business assets. One of the first such systems was Microsoft Access, but over time, alternatives that offer better terms and features have started to appear on the market. In this article, we’ll take a look at the three best database alternatives. 

HyperBase Overview

HyperBase was a cloud-based system designed to manage data for large companies or even government agencies. The system is great for finance, healthcare, legal, and commerce. HyperBase completely neutralizes any complexity of on-premises systems, thereby allowing companies to free up their databases. 

The main features of HyperBase include:

  • Features MS Access online with relational database tables, drag-and-drop Web forms, and report generation
  • System makes it easy to collect and share data
  • Professionals in the field can even create database applications
  • Automate workflows that make life easier for your employees and you

The automation feature makes it easy to track leads and manage assets, as well as manage spare resources and online surveys and job applications. Of additional niceties, this data management system also provides excellent reporting of data uploads and transmissions, file attachments, notifications, views, and online data tables. 

The pricing of its services depends on the number of users. The price for a standard package is a little over $8 per month. 

Zoho Creator Overview 

Zoho Creator is a very convenient and unique application development platform. Because of the low code, businesses can easily create enterprise-level applications there. The main plus of this platform is that customers provide themselves with fully automated work of some rather complicated and tedious workflows and data optimization.

The management of the system is very simple because the interface has a drag-and-drop function, a simple form, and an accessible information panel. 

Deluge is a rather powerful scripting language of this data room which helps to reproduce business processes simply and easily. Any application created in Zoho functions perfectly on a mobile device. 

It also integrates with many useful platforms to make data exchange even easier and offers more than 50 ready-to-use applications.

Zoho Creator has three pricing plans, with the standard one starting at $10 per month. 

iDeals Review

iDeals Virtual Data Rooms (data room électronique in french language) is one of the best offerings among virtual data rooms that provides complete privacy, convenience, and versatility. You have full control over the access to your documents by distributing roles among the users and controlling the manipulations that can be done with the document (you can cancel their printing, copying, etc.). 

The comfort of use is the main plus of VDR, it has a friendly interface and clear display with functions.

Easily structure uploaded documents for improved due diligence, many processes are automated, such as documents numbering themselves after uploading. 

You can also easily interact with third parties simply by inserting their email address into the platform. 

Controls are another important aspect of the data room, you can view activity in various documents, see how many documents were viewed by users, and even how much time they spent on a particular document.

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