The Verizon-exclusive Motorola Edge+ has high-end specs and a headphone jack for $1,000

If you’ve been patiently hoping for Motorola to get back in the premium Android phone game, your wish has been answered. Following years of solid mid-range offerings, Motorola has launched the Edge Plus, a full-on premium Android phone that’s locked to Verizon and costs as much as the Galaxy S20.

The bigger news might be that it features a 3.5mm headphone jack. Long extinct from iPhones and endangered on most Android phones, the tiny port is a welcome sight on the Motorola Edge+, which also sports speakers tuned by Waves audio.

You’ll also get a dramatic waterfall screen with a near-90-degree edge, 5G with support for Verizon’s super-speedy mmWave network, and the latest Snapdragon 865 processor, along with other ultra-premium specs:

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