The first in-display selfie camera solution is now in mass production

visionox in display selfie camerasIce Universe/Visionox

  • Visionox has announced mass production of in-display selfie camera tech.
  • Phones with the technology are reportedly expected soon.
  • Visionox has implemented a number of hardware and software tweaks to its solution.

In-display selfie cameras are considered the holy grail of smartphone design nowadays, as they would allow a proper full-screen experience without a notch, punch-hole cutout, or pop-up camera.

We’re only expecting to see phones with an in-display selfie camera near the end of 2020 and in 2021, but display maker Visionox has announced mass production of a solution already.

According to ITHome, the Visionox solution offers several hardware improvements in order to deliver a better experience. These tweaks include improved transparency in the camera area of the screen, and an “industry-first drive circuit and pixel structure design� (according to machine translation) to minimize interference.

Furthermore, Visionox is working with device manufacturers to offer a software algorithm. This algorithm will reportedly minimize diffraction, glare, and reduce the “fogging� effect. This will therefore result in photos that are brighter and have improved clarity, according to ITHome.

Xiaomi executive Lu Weibing previously stated in January that mass production of in-display selfie cameras was impossible then due to several technological hurdles. More specifically, the executive said that screens with 400 pixels per square inch drastically reduce the amount of light captured by the in-display selfie camera. The Redmi general manager also said opting for a lower resolution presents problems of its own.

It looks like Visionox may have solved these problems, or it’s simply pressing ahead anyway in order to be first to the post. The first devices with Visionox in-display selfie cameras are reportedly coming “soon.�

We’ve contacted the firm for more information on its technology, and will update the article if/when they respond. Looking for more coverage of mobile technology? Then check out our articles in the list below.

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