The best wireless chargers — What are your choices?

OnePlus 8 Pro on wireless charger from side

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

There are few things as convenient as dropping your phone on a wireless charging pad to top it off. The sheer convenience of being able to pick up a phone in the middle of a busy workday, taking a call, and plopping it back on the mat can’t be overstated. Now that Qi wireless charging is ubiquitous across high-end devices, there are a wide variety of wireless charging pads available to end-users. No matter your budget, preferred form factor, there is a solution for you. Let’s take a look at the best wireless charging pads and wireless car chargers you can get.

The best wireless chargers:

1. Aukey Qi-certified wireless charger

Aukey QI certified wireless charger

Aukey’s Qi-compatible charging pad might be affordable but that doesn’t mean that it is short on features. In fact, it can fast-charge phones all the way up to 10W. This means that most Android phones should be able to take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, the pad does not support the Qi-compatible extended power profile so you won’t be able to enjoy the fastest speeds on your Pixel 4XL. Over on the iPhone side of things, charging speeds top off at 7.5W.

The design of the charger is simple enough and Aukey claims that it should be able to charge the phone through cases as thick as 3mm. Couple that with the overcharge protection and you are clearly getting a lot for your money. In fact, I’d purchase a bunch of them to place around the house.

2. Yootech wireless charger

yootech wireless charging pad

Functionally, the Yootech wireless charger is nearly identical to the Aukey wireless charging pad. The pad supports three different charging speeds and can switch between them based on the device placed on it.

For plain-old Qi hardware, the Yootech wireless charging pad can output as high as 5W. With Apple’s iPhones, it can go as high as 7.5W. Finally, with Samsung’s fast-charging compatible hardware, the Yootech enables 10W charging support. Unlike the Aukey wireless charging pad, the Yootech bumps things up with support for USB Type-C which is a highly welcome addition.

3. Anker PowerWave wireless charger

Anker PowerWave Stand

The Anker PowerWave wireless charger is pretty similar to the other affordable wireless charging pad offerings other than one key difference. The pad sits at an angle and lets you view the phone’s display while charging it.

With Samsung hardware, the pad even enabled fast wireless charging to the tune of 10W. Meanwhile, it is as good as the best wireless chargers available for the iPhone and is capable of topping it off at 7.5W. As a bonus, the charging pad is compatible with cases up to 5mm thick. Not bad.

The Anker PowerWave wireless charger is relatively affordable, though you will have to splurge on an AC adapter separately.

4. Samsung Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger stand

Samsung fast charge 2 wireless charger

If you are using a recent Samsung phone like the Galaxy Note 10+ or the Galaxy S20-series, you will want to get your hands on a first-party Samsung wireless charger.

Supporting Fast Charge 2.0, the Samsung fast wireless charging pad lets you top off your phone at up to 15W on supported devices. Additionally, the angled pad works out great if you want to glance at the screen while the phone is charging. If your phone doesn’t support fast charging, the wireless charging pad falls back to standard Qi charging speeds.

The Samsung Fast Charge 2.0 wireless charging pad ends up being a bit more expensive than our other options, but support for fast charging as well as an included wall charger makes up for it.

5. Anker PowerWave 10 Dual wireless charging pad

anker wireless charging pad for two devices

Got multiple devices that need to be charged? The Anker PowerWave 10 has you sorted. The wireless charging pad has two wireless charging surfaces with multiple coils that let you power two separate devices simultaneously, at full speed.

Like Anker’s other products, the PowerWave 10 can charge through cases as thick as 5mm. Meanwhile, a DC adapter is tossed along in the box so you won’t have to buy a separate charger for your wireless charging pad. Unfortunately, the Anker PowerWave 10 can’t top off Samsung devices at 15W, you will be restricted to 10W charging. Elsewhere, iPhone users can charge their phones at up to 7.5W and other Qi devices will be charged at a maximum of 5W. The Anker PowerWave 10 is priced quite reasonably for a dual device charger.

6. Samsung Wireless Charger DUO Pad

Samsung Duo pad dual wireless charging pad

The Samsung Duo pad is as good as it gets with wireless charging pads. As the name suggests, the pad can be used to charge up two devices simultaneously. However, the Samsung wireless charger duo pad takes it a step forward by including fast charging support. This means that you can charge compatible Samsung phones at up to 15W, while charging an additional phone or perhaps your wireless earphones on the second pad.

While fast charging speeds are definitely great to have, my favorite feature of the Samsung wireless charger duo pad is the ability to prop up the charging plate at an angle. This lets you glance at notifications while charging up the phone. The ability to change the orientation affords you even more flexibility. Like most first-party accessories, the Samsung dual wireless charging pad is pricey but the feature set definitely makes up for it.

7. Aukey wireless car charger

AUKEY wireless car charger 1

Aukey’s wireless car charging solution looks futuristic and wouldn’t be out of place in most cars. Like the company’s regular wireless chargers, the car charger is Qi-compatible and supports 5W charger on regular devices. Meanwhile, iPhones and Samsung devices can enjoy 7.5W and 10W charging respectively.

The charger has a nifty auto-open action. Press a button on the side to slide the clamp wide open, place the phone on the cradle. The mount auto-detects the phone and gradually retracts the clamp, holding the phone securely in place. The mount is designed to be attached to the air conditioning vent which means that your phone will remains nice and cool even while charging on a hot summer day.

The Aukey wireless car charger is an excellent option for anyone using a phone like the Google Pixel 4 XL with less than stellar battery life.

8. iOttie wireless car charger

iOttie car wireless charger

The iOttie wireless car charging pad is functionally identical to the Aukey solution. However, if you don’t want a charger blocking your air conditioning vent, iOttie’s solution lets you secure your charger to the dashboard using an included suction cup. The iOttie wireless charger can also be moved forward and backward letting you position the charger exactly where you want it.

Like the Aukey wireless car charger, the iOttie wireless charger is fully compatible with Qi devices and includes an auto-sensing clamp for added convenience. In fact, the charger takes things a step forward by including a battery to make sure that you can use the clamp even if you unplug the charger from your car’s USB port.

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