The best US Mobile plans: get free perks like Disney Plus and more

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US Mobile has offered affordable and customizable prepaid plans for customers for a long time, but recently the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) revamped its plans, and now offers a very affordable unlimited option. It’s also offering some free perks if you get more than one unlimited line, including free Disney Plus bundle subscriptions.

Here’s a look at the best US Mobile plans, along with its free perks if you get more than one unlimited line.

Unlimited plan and options

US Mobile Unlimited Plans

Source: US Mobile

US Mobile plans now include a revamped unlimited plan, with 4G LTE support, for just $40 a month. That gets you at least 50GB of high-speed data a month, with downloads of up to 5Mbps. If for some reason you go over that 50GB data before your monthly billing period ends, you might get some slower speeds. You also get up to 10GB of high-speed 4G LTE roaming data per month in over 140 countries with this plan.

You can add hotspot support for your phone with an additional $5 a month upgrade to this plan. Finally, if you want to get faster download speeds, up to 200Mbps, you can get the US Mobile Ludicrous unlimited plan. It also comes with hotspot support and costs $10 extra a month, making your final bill $50 a month. You also get the same 10GB of high-speed roaming data per month on this plan.

5G phone plans

us mobile 5g

Source: US Mobile

If you want to experience US Mobile at 5G speeds, look no further. Unsurprisingly, the US Mobile 5G plan is the most expensive plan that the carrier offers, starting at $65 per month for one line. Adding a second line costs $55 per month and every additional line is $50.

You can enjoy the highest priority coverage on the 5G network with the 4G LTE network as a fallback. The 5G plan also comes with up to 15GB of LTE international roaming and an exciting list of perks to pick from. The full 5G network goes live in July, but in the meantime, you can get early access and three months of coverage for $100.

The offer is only valid for a limited time, and at this stage, you have to add your email address to join a waiting list to sign up. That means you can get 5G quicker on other carriers, but it’s no cost or hassle to join the list.

Free perks with two or more unlimited lines

unlimited perks

If you want to get your family and friends signed up for the US Mobile plans with unlimited data, there are some extra bonuses you can take advantage of. If you sign up for two unlimited lines, you can choose one perk from the list below:

If you sign up for three US Mobile unlimited plans on your account, you can keep your first free perk, but now you can choose a second one. Here’s the list of free perks you can pick from for free with that third line:

Finally, if you sign up for four US Mobile unlimited plans, you keep both of your previous free perks, and you can add a third perk as well. The list of freebies for the third perk is a bit limited, but if you or a friend are a gamer, you will save a lot of cash.

In order to get your free perks, just sign up for your picked streaming services as normal. Then send an email to [email protected]. The email must include your US Mobile phone number and a copy of the receipt for your picked services. Your receipt must show the account holder’s name, and a billing period that matches the current month date. You will receive a service credit on the following month’s autopay payment on the line that earned your perk.

If you got an annual subscription to one or more of these services, US Mobile will divide the service credit by twelve months, towards every month of service for the next twelve months.

Don’t need unlimited? Customize your plan

US Mobile Build Your Own Plan

Source: US Mobile

US Mobile still offers customizable prepaid plans with limited data, talk, and text. They are perfect for those folks who don’t want or need an unlimited plan, or who just want to save some money. You can mix and match talk, text, and data amounts on your plan. Talk rates go from up to 75 minutes for just $2 a month, to unlimited minutes for $8 a month. You can text 50 messages for as low as $1.50 a month. Rates go up to $6 a month for unlimited text. Finally, data starts at 50MB per month at $1.50 and can go up to 8GB a month for $26.

Family Plans

us mobile family plans

Source: US Mobile

US Mobile also makes a great option for family plans with the customizable plans mentioned above. You can build plans for kids, grandparents, and anyone else in your family designed to meet specific needs. Text and data can be increased for teens, or unlimited talk, text, and data is available for $40 per month. If you have a family member who uses talk and data, that’s all they need. You can customize the needs of each family member and calculate just how much you can save.

That’s a look at the US Mobile plans you can choose from right now. If the carrier’s plans change, we will update this post with that information.

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