Take a trip through Ancient Greece and Egypt with Assassin’s Creed’s free Discovery Tours

If you’re hoping to emerge from your house in a few months with a thorough knowledge of Ancient Greek winemaking and Egyptian funeral rites, might I recommend Assassin’s Creed’s Discovery Tours? They’re free on Ubisoft’s website or Uplay (you’ll need Uplay to run them) and are absolutely worth grabbing, for you or your kids.

Basically, Ubisoft repurposed the worlds of Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey for education. Strip out the stabbing, leave the rest. Origins and Odyssey are some of the most intricate digital dioramas ever created. Sure, there’s a video game layered on top, but the real draw is the world Ubisoft’s artists and animators and scripters created. Busy markets full of jewelry and pottery, people harvesting grapes and wheat, priests performing rites, and all of it in the shadow of some of the world’s most iconic buildings. It’s a spectacle. A meticulously researched spectacle.

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