Star Wars: Squadrons resurrects the spirit of yesteryear’s X-Wing and TIE Fighter games

Star Wars: X-Wing and TIE Fighter are two of the most celebrated Star Wars games of all time. Putting the player in the cockpit of the titular spacecraft, they were fantastic space sims for the era, and still hold up decently well today. What I’m saying is that EA’s set itself a high bar with Star Wars: Squadrons. Creating a spiritual successor to X-Wing and TIE Fighter is tough.

Initial details are promising though. EA’s promising a full singleplayer story, seemingly spanning both the New Republic and Empire. There’s also a 5-on-5 multiplayer mode, which is only slightly disappointing because Battlefront II allowed for 12-on-12 dogfighting. I’ll hold judgment though until we’ve tried it. Maybe the lower player count doesn’t matter.

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