Some OnePlus 8 Pro screens might suffer from hardware defect

OnePlus 8 Pro screen in hand

Some OnePlus 8 Pro users previously reported that their screens were suffering from “crushed� blacks and/or a green tint. A new update fixes display issues for some, but others still aren’t seeing a difference.

Now, a redditor in the latter camp has reported that OnePlus considers this to be a hardware issue. User OcuQuest1409 posted a screenshot apparently showing their correspondence with OnePlus support staff. And the screenshot seems to show the employee acknowledging that it’s a hardware problem.

oneplus 8 pro ocuquest1409 reddit

Source: Redditor OcuQuest1409

Redditor OcuQuest1409

Furthermore, the image suggests that OnePlus is allowing affected users to either send the OnePlus 8 Pro in for repairs, do a swap-out, or obtain a refund.

At least two other OnePlus 8 Pro users chime in on the thread to confirm that they’ve either gained refunds or swapped out devices due to a screen issue. So if confirmed, this means some OnePlus 8 Pro devices do indeed suffer from a defect that can’t be solved by software.

We’ve contacted OnePlus for a statement on the matter and will update the article when they get back to us. Nevertheless, this seems like a straightforward approach to addressing a hardware issue if the screenshot is authentic.

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