Samsung might start putting ads into One UI and we can’t even right now

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  • A new rumor suggests Samsung could bring One UI ads to some of its phones.
  • The source of the rumor is an image allegedly showing an ad on a Samsung lock screen.
  • Samsung rival Xiaomi already puts ads on phones to cut costs. It’s likely Samsung would be gunning for the same thing.

Today, a rumor hit the internet (via Tizen Help) that suggests Samsung is at least experimenting with the idea of bringing One UI ads to some of its phones. The revenue from these advertisements could help offset the rising costs of smartphones.

The source of this rumor is an image shared with Tizen Help by a reader. Allegedly, the image comes from a leaked version of One UI 2.5, which is the next expected iteration of Samsung’s popular Android skin.

Check out the image below, which shows a pretty obtrusive ad on the lock screen of an unnamed Samsung phone:

One UI Ads RumorTizen Help

Source: Tizen Help

The ad above is on a timer. Users would need to either tap on the One UI ads or wait for 15 seconds until the timer is up in order to unlock the phone. Allegedly, ads were spotted in Samsung-branded apps, too.

One UI ads: New for Samsung, old hat for Xiaomi

Samsung rival Xiaomi already does this with a lot of its devices, and it’s pretty much universally disliked. However, Xiaomi’s entry-level pricing is far lower than Samsung’s when it comes to most comparable devices, which is why a lot of people suck it up and deal. If Samsung introduces One UI ads but doesn’t also lower its pricing, it could be a bad look for the brand.

While we don’t know if Samsung will ever do this at all, it’s likely the company wouldn’t drop One UI ads onto its flagship phones. Instead, this would likely only apply to the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series of phones, which offer competitive specs and features at low prices.

We reached out to Samsung to get a statement on this news, but we didn’t hear back. We will update this article should Samsung reply.

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