Samsung Galaxy S30 Plus battery capacity leaked: How big is it?

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  • The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S30 Plus may have leaked.
  • It’s more than what you get on the Galaxy S20 Plus.
  • It could also mean that the Galaxy S30 Ultra has a bigger battery than the S20 Ultra.

There’s still a good six months or so to go before Samsung launches its next set of flagships, but tidbits about them have already started making the rounds. A new report by GalaxyClub suggests that Samsung will be upping the battery capacity on the Galaxy S30 series.

Folks over at the publication have received information about a Samsung battery with product number EB-BG996ABY, suggesting that it belongs to the Galaxy S30 Plus. Going by Samsung’s numbering convention, the Galaxy S30 phones are likely to bear model numbers beginning with “G99,� given that the model number of the Galaxy S20 series begins with “G98.�

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Also, the battery of the Galaxy S20 Plus with model number SM-G986 has the product number EB-BG986ABY. In light of that, this new battery model unearthed by GalaxyClub indeed seems to belong to the Galaxy S30 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S30 Plus battery: Is it big enough?

According to the report, the Galaxy S30 Plus’ battery has a rated capacity of 4,660mAh. This means that its typical battery capacity should be somewhere around 4,800mAh. In contrast, the battery of the Galaxy S20 Plus has a rated capacity of 4,370mAh and a typical capacity of 4,500mAh.

So on paper, you should get about 300mAh more battery on the Galaxy S30 Plus compared to the Galaxy S20 Plus.

Bigger batteries are obviously welcome, especially on phones with high refresh rate displays. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus has a 120Hz screen and the phone clocked an average of five hours of screen-on time/day in our testing. We’re hoping that the Galaxy S30 Plus will at least deliver a few extra hours with that extra juice and that it’ll be good enough to power through a full day with the 120hz mode on.

Moreover, a larger battery on the Galaxy S30 Plus is also good news for the Galaxy S30 Ultra. The S20 Ultra already offers a 5,000mAh battery and it would be great if Samsung ups that even more next year.

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