Romney Return Release – Update

Yesterday a series of 28 transactions occurred in which Bitcoins were sent to the address intended to supress the release of the returns (1HeF89wMjC48bWNgWvVo7Wu3RaLW8XVsE8 ).

These transactions contained a binary message which when converted produces the following 28 character URL “”

The QR code translates to this URL: . At that URL there is a link to download an audio file entitled “where.wav”.

Spectral analysis of the audio file reveals embedded plaintext. This is a screenshot of the analysis: . This is clearly another URL and the date 9.10.12 and time 8:30. Towards the lower frequencies there is also a message saying “All shall be revealed”.

The above Tinyurl redirects to this Google StreetView page (note the address).

The above is independently verifiable and originates from transactions sent to the DO NOT RELEASE address. We will post developments as they occur. You can easily keep track of the RELEASE and DO NOT RELEASE addresses here.

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