Razer launches left-handed Naga gaming mouse for Left-Handers Day

Although left-handers make up about ten percent of the population, left-handed gaming mice are rare. Razer, however, has committed to lefties, and introduced a left-handed version of its wired Razer Naga mouse in time for Left-Handers Day.

The Razer Naga Left-Handed Edition is not an ambidextrous mouse, which can be used by both hands. It’s specifically designed for lefties, with an array of twelve function buttons on the right of the mouse that’s accessible by a left-hander’s thumb. Razer envisions that those functions will typically used to control an array of spells and other actions that MMO players typically perform, but they could be used in other applications, too. There are 20 programmable buttons on the mouse in total.

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