Qualcomm’s new Quick Charge 5 tech boasts a 50% charge in just 5 minutes

Qualcomm on Monday announced Quick Charge 5, its latest quick-charging solution to power a compatible smartphone to a 50 percent charge state in just five minutes. That’s a whole lot faster than Quick Charge 4’s 15-minute claim, but it’ll probably be a while before it lands on Android’s most popular phones.

Charging may not be the first thing you look for among the feature list of new phones, but it’s a handy convenience if you’ve forgotten to charge your phone overnight and need to dash out the door. Qualcomm announced Quick Charge 4 in 2017, but it’s yet to reach most phones.  None of Samsung’s flagship phones support the protocol, and you won’t find it on Pixels or OnePlus’ latest phones either. 

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