Plexamp is an awesome new music app from Plex, in public beta now


Plex is an incredibly popular way to organize, share, and stream all your personal media. While the Plex app for Android is robust and perfect for streaming video content, the music player leaves a bit to be desired. Now there’s Plexamp, a new app from the company that is just for music.

Plexamp is currently in beta on the Google Play Store. However, the app has been in an alpha stage for over a year, so it is safe to use and filled with useful features.

If you don’t use Plex or have a Plex Pass membership, the app isn’t going to work for you quite yet. The app is designed to integrate with your existing Plex Media Server and is still in development, so it will probably be a while before people without Plex Pass can use it. Considering it acts as a traditional music player for local files on your Android phone and also can incorporate music from streaming service Tidal, the app could be useful for all manners of music listeners. For now, though, you’ll need to be a Plex die-hard to give it a shot.

Plexamp: What does it offer?

Plexamp 5
Plexamp 6
Plexamp 1
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As one would expect, Plexamp will play your music files, but that’s hardly exciting. What’s cool about this new app is the amount of customization power you have, both over the general look and feel of the app as well as the quality of your music.

Up above, you’ll see screenshots of the various settings tweaks you can make throughout the app. Notice how the background coloring of the UI changes with the album artwork of the song you are playing, which is a nice touch. Also, note how the player never disappears no matter which page you are on. It’s that attention to detail that really makes Plexamp shine.

One of the coolest features with Plexamp is Sweet Fades, which acts like an AI DJ for your playlists. It automatically fades out the end of the current track and fades in the beginning of the next track so there are never any gaps between songs.

There are a lot of neat features in Plexamp, but since it’s a beta release some stuff might not make the cut — and more features are likely on the way. Give it a shot for yourself by opting into the beta program below!

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