Pixel 4a could dump a legacy feature present on all Google phones since Pixel 2

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We’ve been seeing Pixel 4a leaks drop almost on a daily basis thanks to folks over at TecnoLike Plus who have an early unit. This time, rumors suggest that Google’s new mid-ranger will be ditching a legacy Pixel feature that’s been around since the Pixel 2 – Active Edge.

Active Edge allows you to squeeze the edges of your Pixel phones to bring up the Google Assistant. It can also help you silence incoming calls, timers, notifications, and more.

Now, we hear that the early Pixel 4a unit with TecnoLike Plus‘ Julio Lusson does not have the Active Edge feature. Its absence from the upcoming Google phone has also been confirmed by 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall.

We’re not sure if this double-tap gesture will land on all older Pixel phones, but it seemingly doesn’t require any special hardware – just the phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope. The feature could either debut on Android 11 or the new Pixel 4a, with the Android 11 beta and new phone expected to launch at roughly the same time.

Meanwhile, the demise of Active Edge could actually be a good thing. The feature hasn’t been very consistent across the Pixel line, with many users complaining from time-to-time that it stops working or triggers accidentally. You can read some of those complaints on Google’s own forums,  XDA forums, and Reddit.

That’s not to say users didn’t enjoy Active Edge. Many have previously taken to Reddit to appreciate it, going as far as saying that they’ll switch brands if Google does away with it.

What do you think of Google’s Active Edge feature? Should the company ditch it on the Pixel 4a and other future phones? Take our quick poll below and give us your thoughts.

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