PCWorld’s July Digital Magazine: The $1,001 Question

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In the July issue

In the July issue of PCWorld find out the 12 things we learned moving from the Galaxy S20 to the iPhone SE. We have details on the new Dell XPS lineup. Plus, 11 classic games that could use a Final Fantasy 7-style remake.

Other highlights include:

  • News: AMD vs. Intel: Should you buy an Intel laptop right now?
  • Google Pixel 4a preview: Single camera, fingerprint sensor, no 5G, and July launch
  • Intel 10th Gen review: The Core i9-10900K is indeed the world’s fastest gaming CPU
  • Kingston KC2500 NVMe SSD review: Good performance at a nice price
  • Razer Kraken X review: A no-frills take on a headset that had few frills to begin with
  • Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath review: One of 2020’s best action films (and a pretty good fighting game)
  • Here’s How: 11 cheap or free ways to make your old PC run faster, how to turn on the Chrome ad bocker, and use a Nintendo Switch Pro controller with a PC

Video highlights

Watch: Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro is out, and of course we want to know what it’s like. Watch the video review from our sister site Macworld.

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