OnePlus confirms new affordable phone line is coming, but not for US

oneplus z teaser new beginnings

We’ve known for a while now that OnePlus is working on the OnePlus Z or OnePlus Nord smartphone. This phone is expected to be a mid-range handset in line with 2015’s OnePlus X.

Now, OnePlus has announced on its forum that it’s working on a “new, more affordable smartphone product line.� The brand adds that there are many people who want a phone with a “more accessible� price.

Unfortunately, it sounds like North America won’t be a part of the first wave of this new product range.

“As we have always done when we try something new, we are going to start relatively small with this new product line by first introducing it in Europe and India. But don’t worry, we’re also looking to bring more affordable smartphones to North America in the near future as well,� the company noted on its forum.

This is a breaking news story — more to follow.

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