New Verizon prepaid plans offer discounts the longer you use them

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Verizon is rolling out new prepaid plans that sound like a decent deal for anyone looking to get solid cell phone service without spending too much money.

The new plans, which Verizon announced on its website, will actually become cheaper the longer they’re active. After three months, Verizon will drop the price by $5. After nine months, the carrier will drop the price by another $5, bringing the discount to $10. With auto-pay, buyers can get another $5 off their monthly cost, bringing the total savings to $15 after nine months.

The unlimited plan starts at $65 a month, but after nine months it drops to $50 with auto-pay, which is quite reasonable when compared to other prepaid unlimited plans.

For shoppers who don’t need unlimited data, Verizon is offering a 5GB plan with a starting price of $40 that ends up going for $25 after nine months with auto-pay. For a 15GB plan, the price starts at $50 and drops to $35 after nine months with auto-pay.

Compared to AT&T, the new Verizon plan is a bit cheaper once the customer gets to nine months. AT&T is currently charging $55 with autopay from day one, which makes it cheaper to start than Verizon’s, but more expensive in the long run.

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