New Baldur’s Gate III gameplay shows off the Underdark and a mushroom man

Having heard Larian was involved with last week’s Guerrilla Collective presentation, I expected a sizable Baldur’s Gate III presence. Instead we got a teaser for another event. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long, as Larian led off this week’s D&D Live with a lengthy Baldur’s Gate III gameplay demo. You can catch the archive here:

First, it’s worth stating: This is a different section than Larian showed at PAX East in February. That livestream showed off the very beginning of the game. Today’s demo isn’t much further in—and in fact I remember it from my own Baldur’s Gate III demo in San Francisco—but it isn’t merely a retread of the last stream with different choices. You’ll meet the demon Raphael and then by popular demand head into the spider-infested Underdark for a bit.

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