Android 11 DP3 gesture lets you undo cleared apps (Update: Not anymore)

Update: May 6, 2020: With the release of the fourth Android 11 developer preview, Google removed the ability to bring back recently dismissed apps in the multitasking menu. We’re hoping this feature comes back in the final release.

Check out what’s new in Android 11 Developer Preview 4 right here.

Original article: April 23, 2020: Android 11 Developer Preview 3 just dropped today, and most of the changes Google made this time around are behind the scenes. That being said, one user-facing update comes in the form of a revamped recent apps menu. And one neat trick of Android 11’s new multitasking menu is the ability to undo or bring back recent apps after you swipe them away.

As you can see in the short video above, undoing a cleared app is simple. Just as you swipe up to clear it, a down swipe immediately after the initial gesture brings the task back.

This only works for one task at a time. If you don’t swipe down immediately after clearing an app, you won’t be able to bring it back.

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We don’t necessarily recommend clearing your apps very often since Android does a decent job of managing this on its own. Frequently clearing them will only use up more battery, and apps will take longer to open the next time you use them.

But, for those of you that do clear your apps after you are done with them, you will appreciate this subtle, intuitive Android 11 multitasking feature addition.

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