Motorola’s first flagship in years has major display problems

Motorola Edge Plus in repose

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

  • Motorola Edge Plus units are experiencing some major display problems.
  • Users are seeing purple smudging and green tint on the screen of the phone.
  • Some units might be too far gone and will need to be replaced by Verizon.

The Motorola Edge Plus marked the company’s return to flagship phones in April but just over a month after its launch, users are reporting some serious display problems on it. Many users have taken to the company’s forums (h/t Droid Life) to complain about mysterious purple blotches and a green tint appearing on the display of the $1,000 phone.

Some users say that purple spots creep into the edges of the display after using the phone for a prolonged period of time. They eventually go away, only to come right back if the phone is once again used for a long duration. For many, these strange purple spots are even multiplying and growing over time. Others are noticing a green tint on the display in addition to the purple stains. You can see the images showing some of those display problems below.

Motorola Edge Plus Display Problems

We didn’t experience any such issues during our review of the Motorola Edge Plus. Although, we did notice that its display tends to become darker around the edges where it curves. It’s also not the best display we’ve seen on a 2020 flagship.

Motorola Edge Plus display problems: Is there a fix?

For its part, Motorola seems to be pushing out a fix for the purple blots and green tint appearing on the display of its flagship phone. A forum administrator responded to the complaints saying that a new software update should fix the display problems. He initially recommended that folks shouldn’t rush to replace their Edge Plus handsets because new devices could also exhibit similar display issues. Instead, he said that people should update their phones with the new software and check if the problems are resolved.

Later, a number of users confirmed that the update fixed the display of their Motorola Edge Plus handsets. However, many users reported that while the display issues disappeared temporarily after the update, they reappeared with full force once again.

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Acknowledging that some Motorola Edge Plus units might be too far gone, the forum admin wrote, “We’ve seen this software clear up the problem, but in some cases, the “smudging� could be too advanced to be resolved in this way.�

“We appreciate everyone who has been patient and waited for the software. If the problem persists after you have updated and given it a day or two, please exchange the phone with Verizon,� he added.

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