Missing work? Check out this website that generates office sounds

Missing Office Website Photo

Are you working from home? Don’t like the deafening silence and peace of mind that comes with having no colleagues to distract you? Well, you’re not weird and you’re definitely not alone.

A new website generates that familiar office white noise you’ve become so accustomed to hearing. The whirring of a printer, the clanking of a keyboard, the sliding of a chair, phones ringing, that random person humming a song — it’s all there on the imisstheoffice.eu website created by Kids Creative Agency.

To get your dose of office sounds, open the website and hit the play button on the bottom left of the screen. You can even select the number of employees (up to 10 and corresponding to volume) that you want to simulate for your listening experience.

There’s also a virtual office layout that lets you select items to activate their sound. For instance, you can click the water cooler to generate that familiar sound of water being dispensed. There are even moving employees you can tap on to eavesdrop on their conversations.

You can experience this quirky website both on your PC and your phone. Just let it run in the background and see if your productivity increases with all that familiar noise.

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