Microsoft will remove Cortana from Harman Kardon Invoke and Surface Headphones in 2021

In February, Microsoft revealed that it would be slowly phasing out Cortana functionality in mobile and other devices, implying that the third-party Harman Kardon Invoke would be among them. On Friday, Microsoft clarified that these changes will occur in early 2021, including the Invoke—but the company will offer gift cards of up to $50 to sweeten the deal.

Microsoft said Friday that it is eliminating the third-party Cortana skills—Cortana plug-ins that could be used to ask for a Fitbit activity summary, for example—by September 7. In January, 2021, the mobile Cortana app for iOS and Android will stop working.  And in “early 2021,� Microsoft says, the Cortana functionality for the Invoke will also cease to exist.

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