Microsoft provides details on Project xCloud’s games, and its controllers

Microsoft’s Project xCloud remote-gaming service has faded somewhat as the world has retreated indoors. On Sept. 15, however, Project xCloud will be reborn, part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service for no additional cost.

On Tuesday, Microsoft attached some specific details to the launch, which will take place on Sept. 15. On that date, you’ll be able to play over 100 titles from the Xbox games lineup on your phone or tablet as part of Project xCloud, which will be available in over 22 markets. Microsoft also began listing some optimized controllers that will be used with xCloud.

So far, Microsoft has kept the “Xbox� branding that’s attached to the Xbox Game Pass, though there’s one small, important difference: Microsoft’s making it clear that you don’t even need an Xbox console to participate in Project xCloud—just a phone. 

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