Lian Li’s O11 Dynamic Mini PC case is finally here! And it’s well worth the wait

After what seemed like an endless wait, Lian Li has finally released the O11 Dynamic Mini—the littlest version of its popular O11 Dynamic cases. Since we last saw it at CES 2020, it’s undergone several minor changes, but has hung onto its most important feature: modularity.

As you’ll see in the video above, the Lian Li O11D Mini still sports its set of swappable back plates that lets you choose between three main configurations, each with a different number of PCIe slots available. In 7-slot mode, you can install ATX, micro-ATX, or mini-ITX motherboards, with varying limitations on the clearance for fans and/or radiators mounted to the top and bottom of the case. In 5-slot mode, your options shrink to micro-ATX or mini-ITX, and 3-slot mode restricts you to just mini-ITX but also opens up the most amount of room for water cooling. Want to rock a push-pull config for your radiator up top? You’ll have plenty of space.

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