Leaked Google Pixel 4a release date suggests pandemic isn’t delaying launch

Google Pixel 4a via tecnolikeplus.

Source: Tecno Like Plus

A carrier in Germany may have accidentally leaked the Google Pixel 4a release date in Europe. According to internal documents from Vodafone Germany, the long-awaited phone could launch as soon as May 22.

The report comes from German site Caschys Blog, which claims to have gotten its hands on internal Vodafone documents that suggest the release date for the phone.

In terms of timing, this release makes sense, as it’s within the same window as the now-canceled Google I/O event. In fact, the rumored Pixel 4a release date of May 22 is just over a week from the date Google I/O was supposed to start, which fits with the convention of the company announcing a device and putting it on sale a week later. If that holds true, we could hear an official announcement of a release date in just about two weeks.

The Pixel 4a will be Google’s smaller, more affordable device when compared to the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Its release should make getting a Pixel device a far more reasonably purchase for many, especially in these difficult times where spending at least $600 on a phone may not be possible.

Based on what we’ve heard so far, the Pixel 4a sounds like a rather promising phone with solid specs for what we expect will be a lower price point than the full-sized devices. Interestingly, reports (including Android Authority‘s own sources) have also indicated that there will be no Pixel 4a XL released, and the fact that this report only mentions the Pixel 4a and not an XL version lends credence to that rumor.

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