Leak: Microsoft hasn’t released Surface Duo yet, but Surface Duo V2 is in works

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  • Microsoft is reportedly working on a Surface Duo V2.
  • The first-generation Surface Duo hasn’t been released for sale yet.
  • Microsoft will purportedly handle all Android updates for the devices.

Microsoft hasn’t released the Surface Duo yet, offering a dual-screen foldable form factor and Android integration. But it now looks like the firm is already working on a follow-up device.

Android Central reports that Microsoft is now working on a “Surface Duo V2,� citing their sources close to the matter. The outlet doesn’t have any more information regarding the new device though.

Nevertheless, the first-generation model shown off late last year had a Snapdragon 855 SoC. So you’d assume that a chipset upgrade would be in the works, along with 5G connectivity perhaps. A move to a foldable screen would also be a logical next step for a Surface Duo V2, provided that the technology has matured sufficiently and that Microsoft isn’t too committed to dual screens.

Android Central also reports that Microsoft is bringing development of Android for the Surface Duo in-house. The Redmond company was apparently relying on third-party firm Movial to develop Android for the Duo, and Movial has now been acquired by Microsoft.

It’s believed that this new in-house team will deliver post-launch firmware updates for the Surface Duo, enabling new features over time. This team is said to be responsible for Android on the Surface Duo V2 as well.

Microsoft has a mixed track record when it comes to updates on mobile devices, as Microsoft-powered phones suffered from platform reboots that left users in the lurch. In saying so, the firm has nailed PC updates for a long time now, so hopefully the Redmond company is taking this approach to the Surface Duo line.

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