July 2020 top product alerts: A Ryzen 4000 mini-PC and 8TB Samsung SSD lead the way

With all the upheaval and cancellation of trade shows this year, product announcements have been plentiful and scattershot as companies fire off news at different times. It’s a lot to take in—so to help you keep up, we’ve pulled out the best of the bunch with an eye on PC components, PC accessories, and software. We’ve also included items that launched this month so you don’t miss out, since shortages are a real thing these days.

July’s announcements include a juicy 8TB SSD, a powerful Ryzen mini PC, and a wireless version of one of our favorite gaming headsets. Let’s dive in.

July 2020’s top product announcements

Samsung 870 QVO 8TB SATA SSD

samsung870qvo dynamic Samsung

Despite the insane pricing of this 8TB SSD, we’re still excited for its imminent arrival.

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