Intel’s faster 10th-gen vPro processors batten down the hatches of business PCs

After previously revealing its 10th-gen Core processors for consumers, Intel has now announced the same 10th-gen processors with vPro enabled for business computers.

Intel announced nine mobile 10th-gen Core processors with vPro as well as an additional eighteen Core and Xeon processors for the desktop, based on its “Comet Lake� architecture. Intel’s touting new expanded Hardware Shield features for this generation, which include the capability to lock down mission-critical elements in the PC’s BIOS in case of an attack.

Intel’s vPro launch follows the announcement of the latest Ryzen Pro series of processors, rival AMD’s offerings for corporate desktops. AMD announced three Ryzen Pro chips, emphasizing memory encryption as a key security feature. Intel, as it has before, promoted a platform-friendly strategy that emphasized its fresh security features plus its wide variety of processor choice.

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