Intel promises ‘dramatic’ clock speed increases in Tiger Lake CPU

Intel has revealed more details of what’s under the hood of its upcoming Tiger Lake chip—including its new Willow Cove CPU architecture and integrated Xe GPU, as well as the promise of a dramatic frequency increase over Intel’s current-generation chips.

Intel is claiming that Tiger Lake will offer a “greater than generational improvement in CPU� performance, helped by updating the transistor—you can’t get more fundamental than that. Intel’s also disclosing some of the basic features of the platform—PCI Express Gen 4! Thunderbolt 4!—as it did while setting the stage for the current Ice Lake generation.

Intel’s Tiger Lake comes as no secret. Last year, Intel went public with its plans for Tiger Lake, adding it to the company’s public roadmap. At the time, the company promised Tiger Lake would include a new architecture, the first integration with its Xe core, the latest display technology, and next-gen I/O technology. Intel has also promised “something big� would arrive on September 2, which its investor relations site indicated would be a Tiger Lake launch. Intel representatives confirmed this as well.

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