Intel calls its 5.3GHz ‘Comet Lake-H’ chip for gaming laptops the ‘fastest mobile processor’

Intel’s 10th-gen “Comet Lake-H� mobile processors for gaming laptops aspire to something that, so far, AMD’s Ryzen hasn’t emphasized: pure clock speed. Announced Thursday, Intel’s 10th-gen H-series chips go above 5GHz, a new frequency high for mobile PC processors.

In fact, most of Intel’s six new 14-nm Comet Lake H-series chips top 5GHz, including a “step up� Core i7 chip, the Core i7-10875H (2.3GHz base, 5.1GHz turbo). Intel has designed it as a slightly cheaper alternative to the new uber-premium Core i9-10980HK, though both chips include 8 cores and 16 threads. It’s this new Core i9 that sets a high-water mark for clock speed, cresting at a whopping 5.3GHz.

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