HP Envy 17t review: Buy it for the huge 4K screen, not the performance

The HP Envy 17t is another reminder that big laptops are back, and not just for gaming. Apple now sells a 16-inch MacBook Pro, forever replacing the 15-inch models in its lineup. Dell has come out with a new XPS 17 for the first time since 2011. Even LG’s Gram laptop line includes a shockingly light 17-inch version.

The Envy 17t isn’t a new product—HP’s been selling it for years—but the surge in similar models partly stems from advancements in display technology that allow for larger screens in smaller bodies. It’s also an acknowledgement of the workhorse role into which PCs have comfortably settled. Even in a world of big-screen phones, increasingly capable tablets, and ever-lighter ultraportable notebooks, jumbo laptops still fill a unique role for getting things done.

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