How to set up two PCs for streaming to Twitch or YouTube

These days, just about everyone’s streaming to Twitch or YouTube. But getting started doesn’t require one brand-new, extremely powerful desktop. You can instead split the work between two computers—one handles gaming, while the other outputs the stream.

That means for those on a budget, you can conscript humbler PCs into service, allowing you to get extra life out of an older system when you replace it. On the high-end, you can intensely optimize each computer for gaming versus content creation.

Regardless of how much cash you can drop on internet fame, this guide will explain how to get up and running.

What you need


Streaming PC

ryzen 3 1200 gaming pc 8 Brad Chacos/IDG

A computer used for streaming often will use a dedicated graphics card, but depending on how powerful its CPU is, you may be able to forgo one.

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