How Microsoft could make up for its buggy Surface Book 2

Why did I put up with Microsoft’s Surface Book 2? Why did anyone? That’s the question I asked myself recently as I tried to convince the Surface Book 2 to recognize my 4K monitor, yet again. 

Surface Book 2 users have suffered through quite a bit. There was the GPU bug that delayed a scheduled Windows update. Thermal issues. Even a power issue that was really never fixed. 

Most laptops survive PCWorld’s review process without exposing major issues. But as I look around at the shelves housing our review units, I can see that the Surface Book 2 had a rough time of it. Here’s the 15-inch Surface Book 2 whose discrete GPU failed, possibly due to overheating. This 13-inch model’s battery was dead on arrival. A second 15-inch Surface Book 2, about a year ago, decided to output nothing better than HD resolution (1366×768) on an external display.

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