Here are the best Disney Plus reality shows to binge while stuck at home

disney plus reality shows

Disney Plus reality shows have been part of the streaming service since it launched in November 2019. Indeed, the majority of exclusive original shows on Disney Plus are reality shows. So which ones are the best?

Let’s take a look at the best Disney Plus reality shows that are currently available. As you will see, they range from competition shows to behind-the-scenes at Disney to a unique show that brings together former high school students to recreate their school musical.

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Best Disney Plus reality shows

1. Encore!

encore disney plus

The best of the Disney Plus reality shows, this series is all about getting back together with your high school friends. In this case, the series, hosted and narrated by Kristen Bell, takes former high school students back to their old campus. The goal is to recreate their high school musical that they performed when they were kids as adults. You can see not only how these kids have turned into adults, but how participating in their high school musicals helped in some way to shape their lives.

2. The World According to Jeff Goldblum

jeff goldblum disney

Jeff Goldblum is best known for playing eccentric scientists in movies like the Jurrasic Park and Independence Day series, along with movies like The Fly and, most recently, the Grand Master in Thor Ragnarok. In this Disney Plus series, Goldblum uses his unique take on life to examine things in the world that many take for granted, like ice cream, barbecue, bikes, and coffee.

3. Shop Class

This competition series, hosted by Justin Long,  puts teams of young DIY builders against one another. They are challenged in each episode to build cool creations based on themes like mini golf courses, bridges, picnic tables, and more. This series may inspire you to head to the garage and build something cool with your tools.

4. Be Our Chef

Here’s another competition series, hosted by The Office’s Angela Kinsey. This time, teams of families compete in the kitchen. They are asked to create new dishes that are inspired by classic Disney films. In the end, the winning teams will see their food creations sold in Disney’s resorts.

5. Marvel Hero Project

marvel hero project

This series puts the focus on a number of different kids who are trying to make a difference in their communities. The team at Marvel Comics not only puts the spotlight on these efforts but also turns the kids’ stories into custom comic books where they are the real superheroes.

6. Pick of the Litter

pick of the litter disney plus

If you love dogs, then this reality show on Disney Plus is for you. You can watch as six puppies are trained to become guide dogs for the blind. You see them taught how to lead their masters by their training guides, all the way to when they leave their trainers to join with their new masters. It’s cute, heartwarming and you may need some tissues in some places.

7. Disney Family Sundays

disney family sundays 1

This short-form series is all about spending time with your family. With some help from well-known crafter Amber Kemp-Gerstel, kids and their parents learn how to make thinks like mermaid tails, Winnie The Poo-themed plant pots, and much more. This is the perfect series to watch with your kids to see if you can also make these Disney themed creations.

8. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings


The Disney resorts, including Disneyland and Walt Disney World, are not just for kids and families. Plenty of adults spend time at these parks, and some of them use them as the locations for their dream weddings. This show shows how these couples use Disney locations and vacations to either propose or hold their wedding events. You might even see some celebrities helping out with these efforts.

That’s our look at the best Disney Plus reality shows. Which ones will you be binge-watching tonight? Again, be sure to sign up for Disney Plus to check these shows out at  the link below:

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