Guerrilla Collective: Watch trailers for Baldur’s Gate III, System Shock, Dwarf Fortress, and more

Here we are on fake-E3 day…three? Five? I’ve sort-of lost count. After this week’s IGN showcase and PlayStation 5 reveal, today we have a double-header, with both the indie-centric Guerrilla Collective(with Paradox) and the PC Gaming Show dealing up trailers back-to-back. A lot of trailers. So many trailers. Too many trailers?

Ah, no such thing I suppose. We’ve pulled out the games we’re most excited about from the Guerrilla Collective and Paradox Insider showcase. You’ll find trailers for those below, including games you’ve almost certainly heard of (like System Shock and Baldur’s Gate III) and those you almost certainly haven’t (like Lake). Better yet, you can try demos of many of the games revealed today on the Guerrilla Collective hub on Steam.

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