Grand Theft Auto V is free on the Epic Games Store this week

Chances are you own Grand Theft Auto V by now. Hell, you might even own two, three, maybe even four copies of Grand Theft Auto V by now. With over 120 million copies sold, it’s one of the best-selling games of all time, second only to Minecraft. But if you somehow missed out on Grand Theft Auto V over the last seven years, good news: You can get it for free.

It’s through Epic, of course, though the Game Stores’ servers are currently melting under the demand. Epic’s been teasing a big giveaway this week, with a placeholder “Mystery Game� entry and a countdown timer sitting on the front page since last Thursday. Plenty of speculation ensued, but it’s Rockstar’s still-somehow-a-top-seller that was revealed when the curtain drew back.

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