Gmail-like text prediction is due soon for Outlook on the Web

Microsoft is adapting one of the more interesting features of Gmail, predictive text, and bringing it to the online version of Outlook.

Recently, Microsoft updated its publicly available Microsoft 365 roadmap, and text prediction is now listed as one of the upcoming features scheduled to roll out in May. “Using smart technology, Outlook will predict text while you type,� Microsoft’s description says. “Just use the Tab key to accept the text prediction.�

Microsoft has already included predictive text within Windows for months, though the implementation has been lousy. The text prediction Microsoft associates with your hardware keyboard opens up a small window above what you’re typing and forces you to select the word manually. (It’s off by default inWindows 10’s Settings > Devices > Typing menu, probably because it’s so bad.) The online text prediction in both Gmail and apparently now the web version of Outlook appears to be far more useful; suggestions will be enabled via the tab key, and (hopefully) by other shortcuts as well.

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