Funny Zoom trick: Wear a celebrity’s face to your next meeting

Here’s a free and funny Zoom trick that could really mess with people during your next video call: Use Snap Camera and Zoom to wear a celebrity’s face over your own. Who will it be? Joe Exotic? Joe Biden? Brad Pitt? Most people don’t know how to do this, and it’s scary how realistic it is!

It’s also about as simple as Zoom tricks get. (While this may also work in Teams and Skype, Zoom’s the easiest to configure.) To take advantage of it, you’ll need to be familiar with our previous tutorial on how to enable a funny custom Zoom background, as well as our earlier guide on how to use Snap Camera to change the way you look in Zoom, Teams, and other chat apps. Naturally, better hardware helps, too, and maybe a green screen.

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