Fortnite pulled from the Play Store as Epic accuses Google of blocking Android deals

If you’re having a hard time finding Fortnite in the Google Play Store this morning, you’re not alone. Just hours after suing Apple for booting Fortnite from its iOS App Store, Google did the same thing. And right on cue, Epic Games rolled out a lawsuit against Google for the same thing—namely “unfair, monopolistic and anti-competitive actions.�

Here’s the backstory. On Thursday morning, Epic announced new lower pricing for its in-game V-Bucks currency. Instead, a paying $10 for a thousand V-Bucks, Epic is now charging $8, a savings of 20 percent. However, Epic presented two pricing options, one for “Epic direct paymentâ€� that reflects the $8 price, and another for $10 if you wanted to go through Apple’s or Google’s App Stores for the previous $10 price. The reason, as Epic explained, was due to the 30 percent fee that Apple and Google collect on all in-app purchases.

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