Edison launches OnMail: An email app with Permission Control?

edison onmailSupplied by Edison

Edison Mail is one of the more popular email apps around, offering quite a few convenient features. The Edison team is building on that success as it’s just announced the OnMail app.

The company is touting “Permission Control” as the standout feature of OnMail, but what does that actually mean?

“You get to decide who comes in, and who gets your attention. We stop spam before it enters your inbox so your inbox stays clean,” reads an excerpt of a press release sent to Android Authority.

This sounds identical to Edison Mail’s ability to block email addresses and send mails from those addresses to trash. We’ve asked the team what makes OnMail’s take on this feature unique and will update our story accordingly.

Nevertheless, OnMail’s team also touts better search functionality (i.e. more natural searching), support for large attachments, and automatic read receipt blocking.

Edison’s OnMail app is scheduled for a summer 2020 release, and you can sign up via their website to get early access.

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