Do you want the Galaxy S30 to have an under-display selfie camera?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra selfie camera

Last fall, we heard Samsung was looking to do away with camera cutouts in favor of under-display camera tech, possibly in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S30 line (if that’s what the company ends up calling it). Since then, more information has been circulating online as OEMs across the globe think about doing the same.

Oppo already showed off its under-display selfie camera concept, Xiaomi’s been working on a solution for a while too, and one of Nokia’s upcoming flagships could also tout the technology. Unfortunately, none of these companies have released a working consumer-ready product yet.

We think under-display camera tech is super exciting, and we hope Samsung builds it into the Galaxy S30 line. But what about you? Would you like to see Samsung implement this feature, or do you have a different opinion?

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