Dell XPS 13 9300 review: The bezel is finally dead

With Dell’s XPS 13 9300, you can mark a momentous date in laptop history: the death of the laptop bezel. Previous models killed the top and sides, but that last useless part has stuck around until now.

Dell’s XPS 13 9300, however, kills that bottom bezel dead. More importantly, the smaller bezel makes the XPS 13 possibly one of most compact laptops around.

The story of the XPS 13 is a long and storied one at this point. When the first “InfinityBezel� version hit the scene in 2015, it set the trend for what could be done in a tiny laptop, forcing competitors to reevaluate their designs. The latest XPS 13 9300 ($1,749 at may not move the ball forward much in performance, but its 16:10 aspect-ratio InfinityBezel touch screen and dual biometric inputs still make a difference.

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