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If you’re logically minded, programming can be a rewarding field to explore. You just need to know where to start, as some languages are much more beginner-friendly than others. Python falls into that category, and the Absolute Python Programming Certification Bundle is an ideal jump-off point for training. It’s on offer on Tech Deals now.

This hands-on learning kit packs five hours of content into three immersive modules to get you off on the right foot. You’ll learn how to easily access databases and build applications of all shapes and sizes.

Naturally, you’ll start by digging into the very basics of Python. You’ll then have the opportunity to practice data analysis using NumPy, Pandas, and MatPlotLib. The third and final module will take you through advanced functions like mapping and object-oriented coding.

Certificates of completion are included, so all of your new skills will look great on your resume.

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Absolute Python at a glance:

The three modules in the Absolute Python Programming Certification Bundle pack a combined retail value of $600, but you can get started for just $29.99. It’s the perfect way to make social-distancing time productive, and it could be a launchpad for a new tech career.

This deal is coming to an end, so check it out while you can. The widget below takes you there.

$29 .99
Absolute Python Programming Certification Bundle
Save $570 .01
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Absolute Python Programming Certification Bundle Buy it Now
Save $570 .01 $29 .99

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