Crytek announces Crysis remaster releasing this summer

“Can it run Crysis?� has been a PC-building meme for over a decade now, but once upon a time it was a legitimate question. When Crysis released in 2007, very few PCs could run it, and even fewer could run it well. The game itself was fine, but the foliage? The foliage was incredible. It felt like Crysis pulled back the curtain on the future and showed people what games might look like in 2012 or 2013. Those moments come once in a hardware generation, at best.

And now it runs on a Nintendo Switch. Go figure.

On Thursday morning Crytek announced Crysis Remastered, due to release this summer on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and yes, the Nintendo Switch. Lumping all those consoles in with the PC version does not give me high hopes for seeing a second coming of the “Can it run Crysis?� phenomenon. If two 2013-era consoles and a handheld can run this remaster, your PC almost certainly can.

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